The ideas for mapping the trail online were inspired by Mike Franks, who initiated a Clerkenwell trail in 1977, as you can read here.

David Wilcox and Mike first met in the 1970s, when Mike was working as a planner in Covent Garden, and later developed the pioneering Clerkenwell Workshops. David was then planning correspondent on the London Evening Standard. In 1977 David worked for the Queens Silver Jubilee Committee, which provided some funding for the first trail. Mike lives in Clerkenwell Close.

In 2018-19 David, together with colleague Drew Mackie, assisted the Peel Institute in their Connecting Clerkenwell programme. This provided some initial resources to start mapping, and an opportunity to work with Mike and other local interests. David and Drew are also working on the Networked City initiative, which is a loose framework within which people, projects and organisations can learn how to use mapping, network building, data and technology for community and social benefit.

We received considerable encouragement from the Layers of London mapping programme, and London Metropolitan Archives, based in Clerkenwell, and will be exploring with them how to add content to the Layers maps, and also use the resources of the Archives and other partners in that programme.

We are also exploring how to develop complementary maps and trails along the City of London Culture Mile, which runs from Farringdon to Moorgate, through Smithfield, which provides a point of articulation between the two trails. David has lived in Bartholomew Close, Smithfield, for 20 years.

The Peel Institute has offered to convene a meeting of people and organisations interested in developing the maps and trails further, and we will be discussing the potential with local organisations and individuals during summer 2019.

We hope to develop a programme through which anyone interested can contribute to the maps, and learn how to use equipment to produce 360 photos and videos, and the maps. We are learning as we go, and hope to find more professional expertise within Clerkenwell's creative community.

Daniel J. Wilcox has developed the flyover, and provided further technical support.

More information from David Wilcox on this site, and Mike Franks on Clerkenwell Commons.